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I just wanted to mention that M and I saw Ben Haggarty’s Frankenstein (with Sianed Jones providing accompaniment and random song interludes) on Thursday night, and it was super awesome. Not so sure about the song interludes – I mean, they were okay, but they often left me feeling as though Ben Haggarty could have narrated the same lyric/verbal content and done so with more impact. The musical accompaniment, though, was wonderfully atmospheric.

Also I wanted to remind myself to head down to Wales at the end of March to catch The Singing Bones, a new show by The Devil’s Violin, a storytelling/music ensemble consisting of Oliver Wilson-Dickson on the fiddle, Luke Carver Goss on accordion, Sarah Moody on the cello, and Daniel Morden as the storyteller. I think this is the show that features The Juniper Tree – apparently there’s an age limit on it now – so I definitely have to go, especially as M has never seen The Juniper Tree (or Daniel Morden) live.

Finally, you should all see Up. You’ll probably cry, but in a good way, and it is a genuinely, thoughtfully sweet movie.


Written by Kelly Kanayama

October 17, 2009 at 6:12 pm

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